offeringIf you have stopped by our booth at an event, you’ve been in a vibrant, unique, and sometimes intense space. Often really full of people, everyone talking, sharing, and trying our Spagyrics, it is usually busy, noisy, and fun.

You may also have heard us talk about this work as “Sharing the Soma”, and longtime friends already know what we mean by that. But, if that is part of our work and philosophy that you’re not familiar with, you might like some explanation of the seeming insanity and what it all means.

The Soma legend comes from the Vedic cultures of the land that used to be called Persia. In this story, there exists a substance, the Soma, which is made from the juice of a plant, and which gives wisdom and eternal life to any who consume it. So strong is this Soma that it is this substance which makes the gods divine, immortal, and all-powerful.

Seeing the powers the Soma gives, demons decide to steal the sacred nectar from the gods. But, when they take it and greedily drink it down, it does not have the effects they wish for; they remain unwise demons and are foiled in their plan.

Merely having and drinking the Soma does not bring its gifts. To bestow wisdom and immortality, the Soma must be shared willingly as an offering between two beings of equal divinity. Or, as you may have heard us say,“it’s only Soma if it’s shared”.

This is at the heart of why we travel to events and set up our sacred space to share our Spagyrics. We work to create a charged but safe place in our booth; a magickal circle of energy and sacred work that all can enjoy. Then, we share samples of our Spagyrics as a ceremonial act of offering, which is an honor for us to give, and also should be taken as an honor by the recipient.

We only do this work in person at these events, since a circle is created which is necessary to the working. Many people notice the difference upon entering the space, and this shift comes from the flow created between all the participants: the plants, the people, and us.

Each person who stops by expands the circle, and the sharing is between all of us, even people who were there at different times. Although, a pattern we have noticed is that one brave person will voice an issue being worked on, and suddenly everyone standing nearby confesses to have come over for the same work.

That person who felt safe enough to speak up about a personal goal brings healing to everyone else by showing that no one need work alone, and we especially appreciate all of you who have been so willing to share inner personal thoughts in such a public space. This is part of why the crowd can be a blessing, even as it is a mosh pit, and we also thank everyone for patience as we work to help anyone who asks.

The contained energy of the space we create and the flow of personal energy that comes in through attendees creates a ceremonial event in which amazing shifts can occur. Creating this shift can take a few different Spagyrics, and a few moments to be still to connect with them.

New visitors are often surprised to be given several Spagyrics and then sent away to be quiet and commune within. Is it safe to take so many? How will I know what worked? Now you want me to go away?

Those questions are answered when a moment is taken to sit, connect with yourself and what you have taken, and ask for help. Even with several Spagyrics in you, the best one will usually jump into your mind when you focus, like picking out an individual instrument even in a huge orchestra.

After a time of reflection, some people buy Spagyrics, and some don’t. But, many people experience a shift, and every event we do brings people who mark a “dosing” from us as a turning point in their lives, even if it was years ago. We love to hear these stories of positive change in health, spirituality, and love, and we would be honored to hear more of them.

If you have shared the Soma with us in the past, tell us about it in the comments, and the circle will expand that much more.

3 thoughts on “Sharing the Soma

  1. kenny says:

    love light laughter mind body soul together we have shared soma through mental lamps for around 2 years ago i had serched for the lords seal ,light that had kept my life changed, after a experience, fortunetly I found soma this sounded developed to the idea animated, in my mind on my way home i had sought sharing such a clean pattern, where i found my life starting to transform almost imediately after i dropped the pure substance into people around me, the appreciation now can not be explained only expressed, serching still how to do the ultimate elation negotiation across the board fill all hearts steaping with the same dream manifested together we extend, do what I can to be the best so please suggest the next step please send guidance.

    • Micah says:

      Thanks for sharing your words, for the rhythm and flow and poetry of your thoughts. We’re all doing what we can to be the best, that’s a great way of saying it. Tell me more about where you are in your journey, what you’re looking for and moving towards. I’ll offer whatever guidance I can towards your next step, we all guide each other and that’s how we go forward, eh?

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