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As you may know, one of the unique aspects of true Spagyric work is the following of Paracelsus’ teachings that every natural thing is made up of body, spirit, and soul, called Salt, Mercury and Sulfur. In plants, these principles reside within the physical constituents of minerals, alcohol, and oils, and together, the whole of the plant expresses its healing properties through its unique balance of these three inner states. In people, each of these three levels can be the source of imbalance and illness, or support and healing, and even though most people think mainly of the body in healing, it is easy to see how states of the spirit and soul can effect the health of the whole being.

Hermetic philosophy states that what is above is like that which is below, and this correlation extends between all things, in ways that are not limited to hierarchical layers. So, since people have body, spirit, and soul, so do plants, and one level of being in a plant plays much the same role in its overall being that the same level takes in a person. So, by focusing Spagyric processing on one of these three layers, we can create a medicine which targets that level of being in the patient, bringing healing directly to where it is most needed.

Within our line of over 200 different Spagyrics, there are several herbs which we create at more than one level. Most of these are classic tonic herbs, revered by many cultures through the centuries, and as tonics, they are able to express complex healing effects depending on the way they are processed. Extracting them in several different ways allows very refined access to specific effects, and it sometimes surprises us how different the same plant can be when made into an Essence, Spiritualized Essence, or Magistery. You may have experienced this surprise yourself if you have tried our “Rosemary Journey” in our booth by tasting the Rosemary Essence, Spiritualized Essence, and then Magistery.

For this sale, we are discounting collections of Spagyrics which represent different facets of the same plant, extracted Spagyrically at more than one level. Each carries a unique communication of its plant, expressed through our Spagyric Art through the medicine. We invite you to try a few to compare and contrast their effects, and we think you will find it enlightening and fun!

Rosemary is the original plant we offered in three levels, and it continues to be one of our favourite tonics and Spagyric subjects. Like so many food medicines, Rosemary is both powerful and gentle, with balanced healing effects in a very safe and assimilable form. Foods are our oldest medicines, and these types of plants offer healing that our bodies know and connect with at a deep level. We offer Rosemary in all three levels of Spagyric:

Rosemary Essence is our Salt/Body Spagyric. It is stimulating to the digestion and appetite, and is especially good after a heavy meal or when the gut is sluggish from cold or other common imbalances. It is warming all over, and also decongesting to the sinuses and lungs.

For the Mercury/Spirit level, we create our Rosemary Spiritualized Essence. Much more concentrated than the Essence, this Rosemary Spagyric is slightly bitter, which reflects is properties as a liver tonic. This level of Rosemary is especially cheering, uplifting to the mind and senses, and also sharpening to thought. We have seen it be of great benefit in mild forms of depression, as well as being a wonderful study aid.

Our Rosemary Magistery is our Sulfur/Soul level of Spagyric. It is the most concentrated in terms of plant material used, but it is also the most refined, being a clear liquid of subtlety and an almost etheric evaporation in the mouth. Rosemary’s clean top notes of camphor are very strong in the Magistery, and it carries the pure Solar energy of cheer, emotional warmth, expansiveness, and vitality. This level is equally popular with students.

Melissa was Paracelsus’ favourite herb, and he considered it to carry more of the Ens, or healing life force of Nature, than any other plant. Both pleasant and powerful, Melissa is a balanced herb for many ailments and is useful for all ages.

Our Melissa Essence works to balance the Salt/Body level with a calm mind, gentle body relaxation, and an opening and ease in all tight and tense conditions of the digestive system. It will calm a sick child in that hyperactive stage when they are just coming down with something, and it also acts to reduce fever and boost the immune system.

The newest Melissa Spagyric we offer is our Mercury level Spiritualized Essence. This Melissa matches my personal constitution, and I take it daily as a general tonic and because I really enjoy its bright flavour and cheery energy. Less calming than the Essence, it is uplifting and mood-lightening, and it is also a very effective anti-viral. (for more on this Spagyric, see this article).

Melissa Magistery is our Sulfur/Soul level Spagyric, and it has a lovely lemon-herb taste and a very cheering and expansive energy. Vitalizing without being stimulating, yet calming to the nerves and mind, it is a wonderful expression of all that is best about this special plant. Its Jupiter nature is strong, and nearly everyone who tries it feels suddenly jovial, from tired adults to cranky babies.

Tulsi is an Ayurvedic herb, also called Holy Basil. It is planted around temples in India, as it is believed that no negative influence can cross its path. It is protective and balancing on all levels, and is a superior adaptogen with a myriad of uses. It is also exceptionally delicious in all preparations!

Our Tulsi Spiritualized Essence carries the strong tonic properties of this plant, since this Mercury/Spirit level Spagyric is the best way to express general balancing and supportive effects from the life force of the plant to yours. In the case of the Tulsi, healing comes to the respiratory, digestive, and metabolic systems, and it clears the mind of negative thoughts and destructive patterns.

The Sulfur/Soul level Magistery of Tulsi is very protective and clearing, and is the Spagyric we reach for whenever anyone is feeling descended upon by any negative influence. Taking this Magistery makes the inner state feel like a room that has been smudged, cleared of bad influence in a non-combative way, and open to positivity and a better state of mind.

The dramatic difference that Spagyric processing can make in the effect of an herb is demonstrated most clearly by Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic herb’s name means “smells like a horse”, which it somewhat does, but this also refers to the horse-like vitality that this tonic brings. Many of you know our fondness for Ashwagandha, which is easier and faster to grow than Ginseng (and so less expensive), and also better-suited for our culture’s particular stresses.

ashwaFor the Salt/Physical level, we make an Ashwagandha Essence, which is very sweet and rooty, with a solidifying and calming effect. It is so calming that it can be taken at bedtime to correct sleep cycle imbalances, yet if it is taken during the day, it will not create drowsiness. It seems to act to reset the sleeping and waking cycle, not imposing sedation, but slowing the adrenaline and helping the body rest and awaken in the proper times. The adrenaline-slowing effect can also be used in cases of sudden shock or upset, and we always have some with us as an emotional “rescue” Spagyric.

The tonic effects of Ashwagandha are even stronger in our Spiritualized Essence, which is a very effective energy booster and builder. Although it is not stimulating, and does not amp up energy at the expense of health, this Spagyric really boosts vitality and motivation, and builds the reserves of stamina long-term. It is also an excellent long-term adrenal tonic, very useful for rebuilding the fight-or-flight system in cases of overuse of caffeine, years of stress, or recovering from any illness.

Finally, another dramatic difference in the same herb through two different Spagyrics can be felt with our Kava Kavas. This famous herb comes from the Pacific cultures of Fiji, Hawaii, and Polynesia, and is used as a mood tonic, social sacrament, and emotional and spiritual medicine.

Our Kava Essence is the Salt/Physical Spagyric, and it is very calming, even sedating. It strongly relaxes the body and mind, and is also a very good painkiller for body aches, headaches, and many other discomforts. It is also antispasmodic, and so is useful for cramps of all kinds.

Our eroSoma Kava is made at the Spiritualized Essence level, and it carries the relaxed energy of Kava in a more sensual, less sedating way. This Kava Spagyric is paradoxically uplifting, useful for social anxiety and worry, and showing the social lubricant and interpersonal harmony gifts that this plant is known for by native users.

The work of Spagyrics has brought us unique connections with plants, and we hope that you have also gained insights into the subtle differences that can be brought out of the green intelligences. We invite you to try some of these sale Spagyrics yourself to see what this Art can bring out, and we hope to hear your thoughts on the experience!

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