It hasn’t been very cold here yet, but we’ve had a few frosty mornings, and I’ve been wanting to bake (and eat!) goodies lately, so the winter holidays must be coming soon!

For this sale, we’ve got a collection of Spagyrics to support immunity, digestion, mood and energy to keep you merry and bright well into the new year.

First, let’s boost your immune defenses against all the invaders floating around out there.

If you’re healthy and uninfected now, that’s great! To keep it that way, consider our Astragalus Spiritualized Essence. A classic tonic root, Traditional Chinese Medicine values it for its ability to boost the defensive wei Qi and fight off “external pernicious influence”. Astragalus is a very intelligent immune tonic that can be taken daily for long periods of time, so start now and be healthy for months to come.

Our Defense Somalixir is a well-rounded combination of plant and mushroom-based immune defenders, and can also be used long term to support health and vitality on all levels. It is mildly energizing, and its effects build over time as its tonic properties become part of your body’s intelligence.

A bit more assertive in its energy, but still good for daily use for a few months at a time is our Green Propolis Spiritualized Essence. Propolis is the resin that bees make by mixing collected tree resins and saps, and it is a very concentrated source of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral constituents.

Bees use propolis to coat the inside of the hive with a layer of protection, as well as to seal any gaps and holes. I find our Green Propolis to have a similar effect on an energetic level, making me feel fortified and protected whenever I take it- “invincible” is how I describe it.

If the germy invaders have gotten past your defenses already, or you want to be ready if they do, our Echinacea and Osha Essences are stronger stimulants to the immune system, useful for a short-term blast of response to viruses and bacteria.

Echinacea is a full-body immune booster, now commonly used during cold season, but also historically used for poisoning and venomous bites. Osha is focused on the respiratory system, where its oils concentrate and both kill infection and thin the mucus so coughs can be productive.

Also helpful to the respiratory system this time of year are Mullein and Yerba Santa. Our Mullein Essence is a bit sedative in a few ways, calming the mind and body for rest, and relaxing the spasms of coughing and sneezing so the breath is free and easy.

Yerba Santa Essence is a structural tonic to all mucus membranes, head to toe, and so it can be used for respiratory illnesses as well as digestive ones, whenever better tone and function with less inflammation and reaction is needed. Allergies of all kinds especially respond to this delicious aromatic plant.

If your digestive system is imbalanced by the rich foods of the winter holidays, along with traveling and stress, consider some tonics for your gut, too.

Our favourite digestive tonic is Turmeric, which we consume in many different forms. Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory to all tissues, and our Spiritualized Essence of Turmeric brings great relief to tight, painful, or sluggish digestion, along with easing joint pain and stiffness.

Another digestive tonic with other helpful properties for now is Hops, better known as a bittering agent in beer. Hops is very bitter, which is a signature of digestive and liver tonic properties, and it is also calming and anti-spasmodic. This combination of effects makes our Hops Essence a good choice for folks with crampy nighttime indigestion brought about by worry or tension.

Lemon Balm, or Melissa, has a bridge of effects linking the physical and the emotional. Calming like Hops, although not as sedative, Melissa also eases all sorts of digestive imbalances, and is especially helpful for stomach aches in adults and kids. Our Melissa Spiritualized Essence is also very cheering, with a sweet lemony taste and a bright positive energy we describe as “fat happy baby”.

For an even stronger boost of mood and levity, our Goji Spiritualized Essence and Bliss Somalixir are great allies. Goji is a delicious superfood from Tibet, and it is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and also seems to carry quite a bit of silly fun, helping you to keep laughing no matter what comes your way.

Bliss is not as gregarious in energy, but it has a very balanced combination of calm and uplift, useful for sailing through the most crowded airport or chaotic party with grace. It’s also an excellent headache remedy, and tastes wonderfully aromatic.

If there are many parties in your future, or if you’re just not someone who is comfortable in crowds of people, our eroSoma Kava Kava can be very helpful. Traditionally, Kava is used ceremonially whenever groups come together, especially when there is the potential for conflict or argument. Kava is both calming and mildly euphoric, and is especially good for social anxiety and shyness, creating in a more balanced way the social effects that some use alcohol for.

For those with travel plans this season, our Ashwagandha Essence is a reliable support to both energy and a calm mood, and it is very helpful for maintaining healthy sleep patterns. It is not sedative, but taken at bedtime, it facilitates deep sleep all night; when used during the day, it helps with the overstimulated state we call “so tired you’re wired”.

Changes in routine, food, sleep, and general stress all deplete the Shen, a Chinese medical concept describing the calm state of inner strength that resides in the heart. When Shen is disturbed, the rest of our body-mind system becomes weakened and reactive, and we can find ourselves tense, irritable and angry, or tired, depressed and grumpy.

Our Shen Somalixir protects this treasure, helping you keep your own vitality contained and focused, and keeping others’ energy from impacting your mood or well-being. Shen is not sedating as such, but it builds the ability to respond to all situations calmly and without wasted energy.

For a more direct effect on the Heart center, consider our Heart Opener Somalixir. A delicious combination of Cacao, Rose, and Oil of Ruby, Heart Opener centers you in a place of compassion, love, and understanding. It’s a beautiful way to support communication and unity in couples or groups, and we find it always brings us back to to an awareness of the beauty all around us. And isn’t that what we’re supposed to be celebrating this time of year?

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