Like seemingly everyone else, this end-of-the-year time tends to make us both nostalgic and hopeful- looking back at the year that has gone by, thinking about the good and bad it brought, and looking forward to the year ahead with optimism and wishes for positive change.

We try not to get too bogged down in the whole “new year’s resolution” madness, preferring instead to be kind to ourselves and consider what we could do better in the coming year, without beating ourselves up too much for our imperfections.

If you’re thinking along these same lines as 2019 draws to a close, we’d like to offer some Spagyrics to support the energy of change, moving from the old year to the new with positivity and determination. This little collection will be 20% off until December 28- just in time for 2020!

First, out with the old!

There are many herbs from many cultures that are considered clearing and protective, some for clearing a space, like a smudge stick, and some working more personally within your body and energy field. A few of our most useful Spagyrics are in that category, clearing out negativity and protecting you from unhelpful influences.

The most beloved of these is probably our Tulsi Spiritualized Essence, made from a type of basil native to India. Also called Holy Basil, it is planted around homes and temples as it is said that negativity can’t cross it, and it is also an excellent plant for purifying the air from pollution, as well.

Our Tulsi Spiritualized Essence has a delicious licorice taste, bringing to mind the aromatic nature of the plant as it grows and generously scents the air at just the slightest breeze. Internally, Tulsi seems to melt away negativity, worry, and unhappiness, and it keeps working in a protective way, forming a sphere of bright energy all around you no matter what or who else is nearby.

For stronger clearing of your own energy, our Saffron Initiatic is warming and sunny, and it really brings this golden herb’s energy of clearing the Nadis, or subtle energy channels.

The experience of our Saffron feels like golden light rushing upwards to blossom on the crown of the head, and it leaves you feeling cheered, open, and energized. Considered Sattvic, or of the highest energy beyond the four material elements, this is a wonderful ally for the physical and subtle stagnations that can build up this time of year.

For a bit more assertive clearing out, we move from the sunlight’s brightness to the boundary energy of Saturn with our Voacanga Initiatic. This African herb is used in rite of passage rituals for putting away childhood and moving into adult life, and it can be used any time you need to really “be done with something”, as we like to explain it.

Voacanga has a crone-like quality, and will show you the things you are holding on to which no longer serve you, as well as helping you let go of those attachments. It is also an excellent teacher of how thought processes create perception and become patterns that can lock you into an unhappy reality, a very Saturnine lesson, and a useful one.

Our next Spagyric shows its energy in the way that it grows- Waterfall Calamus is a type of Calamus that is especially happy near waterfalls, and its healing gifts reflect that. It is a tonic to the Shen, the peaceful strength that resides in the heart, and it supports Shen by building a reserve of calm like a pool of water collecting itself in the midst of the flow.

Waterfall Calamus is an excellent ally for flowing with life, whether the chaos is all around you or internal as you move into changes and new ventures.

Once you’ve cleared out old energies and attachments, it’s time to bring in new influences and make positive changes!

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions we get asked about is also one of the best changes you can make for your health- quitting smoking. And the best support we know of for that difficult process is our Oatstraw Essence, which has helped hundreds of people quit over the years we’ve been offering it.

Oatstraw is calming to the mind and relieves the jitters that withdrawal can cause, and it is also tonic to the nervous system, with nutritive support to those tissues and their function as your body re-wires itself without the influence of nicotine. It’s a very safe herb, and can be used a few drops at a time throughout the day whenever craving strikes, and in a larger dose if needed to deal with extra stress or for sleep.

For difficult resolutions like quitting cigarettes, or for any other change that you’re making that might be hard to stick to, another supportive Spagyric is our Polygala Spiritualized Essence.

Polygala is a Chinese herb which is a Shen tonic like Waterfall Calamus, but it is a more fortifying one- it’s called “will strengthener” in TCM, as it is used to support the will in the face of difficulty and trials. As an adjunct to Oatstraw, or all on its own, it is very helpful in keeping you on track with changes that are positive but difficult, helping you follow your plan and not give up.

At the root of positive changes and the optimism it takes to grow and improve yourself is self esteem. If you see yourself as good, worthy, and deserving of better, it is that much easier to reach for your goals and aspirations. The other side of this is that lack of self esteem is at the root of addictions, negative thought patterns, and all the unhealthy attitudes that can keep you stuck.

In our Hermetic system of planetary archetypes, self esteem is ruled by the Sun, which is the center of the solar system just as each of our selves is the center of our own worlds. Radiant and bright, creating light that nourishes all beings, the Sun is the perfect archetype of a balanced state of ego in which confidence and charisma are strong, but without vanity or arrogance.

Our Magisteries are made to carry the archetypal energy of the planets they are processed to magnify, and our American Angelica Magistery is a beautiful representation of balanced Solar intelligence.

This Spagyric can be used to restore cheer, positivity, and an outgoing charm, as well as to pull out of the dark energy of low self-worth that feeds spirals of addiction and destructive behaviour.

Finally, we offer one of our formulas to support whatever you choose to do in the new year and many to come- our Abundance Somalixir. I talked about this Somalixir in a recent interview, which you can listen to here.

Abundance is made of several Spagyrics to open the flow of support from the universe, however that manifests for you. Jupiter Magistery of Melissa brings expansion and the temperance of “just enough” of whatever you need. Astragalus Seed locks that energy within you so that your efforts are targeted and contained, and Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh bring the treasures of the physical, spiritual, and experiential realms.

Happy New Year!

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