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New Spagyrics : Calamus and Wine Grape

Both of these new Spagyrics are probably familiar to many of you in other forms- [...]

Adventures in Sourcing : Antler Reishi

Years ago we went on a quest. We had heard about an amazing medicinal mushroom [...]

New Spagyrics : Kutki & Broom

Our lab is back into high gear with new Spagyrics for meditation and spiritual work, [...]

New Spagyrics : Moringa & Prana Somalixir

We’ve been busy in our lab this winter, exploring some new herbs and formulas we’re [...]

New Spagyrics : Gurmar & Madhu Mehda for Sugar Balance

Over the past year, we have been working with many single herbs for balancing blood [...]

New Spagyrics : Chill and Green Propolis

We’re in an interesting position in our work, sending our Spagyrics all around the country, [...]

New Spagyric : Green Coffee Bean

We’re pretty sure most of you are familiar with this plant in its more common [...]

Tonics vs. Specifics : the Philosophy

A recent conversation with some friends in natural animal care led to a deeper discussion [...]


Seaweed : new Spagyric

We have had many requests over the years to work with seaweeds Spagyrically, and now [...]

Six Mushrooms Essence : Improved Formula

We have been re-working some of our formulas lately, incorporating new herbs and new discoveries [...]