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Weed Love : Red Root

For this edition of Weed Love, I’m looking a bit outside our own property for [...]

Weed Love : Calendula

As always, this edition of weed love was inspired by the plant itself- specifically, a [...]

Weed Love : Red Clover

As I get older and my hormonal balance shifts, I’ve been looking for supportive herbs [...]

Weed Love : Yarrow

There are many reasons to love Yarrow- its beauty, its tough and easy-to-grow nature, the [...]

Usnea : Healing Symbiosis

Here in the Northwest, our local forests have many evergreens, which are beautifully green year-round, [...]

Flight : Witches on Brooms

This time of year, we see many Hallowe’en decorations showing the classic witch figure, hunched [...]


Marking a Milestone

The year 2016 marks 25 years in our partnership- a quarter century since Paul and [...]

Featured Spagyrics : Helper Herbs

Coming up on the Equinox, we have been meditating on ideas of balance- between night [...]

New Spagyrics : Solomon’s Seal & Goat’s Rue

We’ve been busy in our lab the last few months, creating new Spagyrics of some [...]


Old World Initiatics

Whether from an accident of geography, or through a more guided connection of people-plant co-evolution, [...]