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Tonics vs. Specifics : the Philosophy

A recent conversation with some friends in natural animal care led to a deeper discussion [...]


Shroomtastic : new Somalixir Formula for Immunity

Shroomtastic is our newest Somalixir formula, and was inspired by my own struggle with seasonal [...]

New Spagyrics : Male & Immune Tonics

Tongkat Ali is an herb from Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is considered an excellent [...]

Fall Sale : Levels of Being (ended 3/11)

Note that this sale has expired; we’re leaving the post up so that the information [...]

Herbs’ qualities on the decline?

We’ve noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in our lab work with plants, and we’re wondering [...]


Rest in peace, Michael

We just found out the sad news that the great herbalist, teacher, and plant elder [...]