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New Spagyrics : Chill and Green Propolis

We’re in an interesting position in our work, sending our Spagyrics all around the country, [...]

Al-Kemi on the Radio

In the last month, we have had the exciting fun of being guests on two [...]

New Spagyrics : Vitality and Listen

Each new single-herb Spagyric we create adds to our list of singles, but each one [...]

New Spagyrics : Solomon’s Seal & Goat’s Rue

We’ve been busy in our lab the last few months, creating new Spagyrics of some [...]


New Spagyric : Vervain Alchymical Initiatic

Our newest Spagyric, an Alchymical Initiatic of Vervain,was inspired by my own Irish heritage and [...]

Shroomtastic : new Somalixir Formula for Immunity

Shroomtastic is our newest Somalixir formula, and was inspired by my own struggle with seasonal [...]

New Spagyrics : Male & Immune Tonics

Tongkat Ali is an herb from Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is considered an excellent [...]

New Precious Woods Spagyrics

We’ve been really enjoying working with all the precious woods lately, and we have a [...]

Boneset : new Spagyric for Flu

Although the most recent flu scare has passed, we realize there will always be newly-worrisome [...]


Seaweed : new Spagyric

We have had many requests over the years to work with seaweeds Spagyrically, and now [...]