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Planetary Rulerships : Canon & Creativity

Many people ask about the planetary archetype system which we work with as a foundation [...]

Mineral Workings

The bulk of our Spagyric offerings are from plants- over 350 singles and formulas and [...]

Marking a Milestone

The year 2016 marks 25 years in our partnership- a quarter century since Paul and [...]

What are Spagyrics?

To many of you, knowing and supporting our work for so long, that may seem [...]



You have probably heard of vintages in the context of wine, on a label or [...]

Sulfur : the Soul of Spagyrics

We wrap up our long-running series on the three levels of Spagyric with Sulfur, the [...]

Mercury : the Spirit of Spagyrics

This level of being is often the hardest to understand, as befits its Mercurial nature, [...]


Salt : the Body of Spagyrics

Our new Seaweed Spagyric led us to do more research into the mineral aspect of [...]


Herbs’ qualities on the decline?

We’ve noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in our lab work with plants, and we’re wondering [...]


The Energy of the Lab – Part 2

In our first article, we discussed some of the ideas and practices that Alchemy has [...]