We have three new and really interesting Spagyrics to announce and we think you will find them as intriguing and wonderful as we do!

First, the Sun. Following on the creation of our Rose Gold, Paul wanted to keep exploring mineral and plant combinations. This time he was looking to accentuate the warm energy of the Gold even more, and so he chose perhaps the most Solar herb we work with, Saffron.

Saffron is also the most expensive herb we work with, and for this Spagyric, he used 10 oz. of Persian saffron to make just one liter of medicine- more than three times as concentrated as our usual extractions. This rich extraction made the perfect home for the two different extract of Gold that Paul then added: true Alchemical Oil of Gold, and an Alchemically created Ormus of Gold.

As with all our other Oil of Gold offerings, this was made Philosophically, using natural panned gold nuggets for both the Oil and the Ormus. As I discussed in this post, natural, unmelted gold retains its crystal structure, which means that its intelligence for healing and initiation is intact and will be carried into the final medicine.

For the Oil of Gold, we followed the same process we use for our Rose Gold and the Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh. In this work, the gold is extracted in a menstruum made by fermenting another mineral, in much the same way that fermented plant spirits can extract plant constituents. This menstruum pulls a red colour out of the gold, which is the Oil of Gold, its essential oil and the highest expression of its properties.

For this new formula we also made a true Ormus from some of the raw gold to bring in a more well-rounded expression of Gold as a healing material. You may have heard of Ormus before- it’s been a hot topic in healing and alternative science for decades now, and there are many products on the market claiming to be “Gold Ormus”. Most of these are extracted from sea salt, soils, clay, minerals from mountain areas, and other substances that might contain trace amounts of gold.

These starting materials are cheaper than actual gold, but as with these and the Ormus products made with milled jeweler’s metal, the level of life force in the starting substance determines what will be in the final medicine. We could make an extract of the soil from our Echinacea bed and claim that it has some Echinacea in it, and that might be true because of the rootlets and bits that end up throughout the dirt, but it would seem dishonest to call this an extract of Echinacea. The same goes for minerals- the more pure the source, the more magnified its intelligence will be in the medicine.

We wanted to work with Ormus for this Spagyric because we do feel it’s an interesting substance, akin to the Salt level of plants in its function for the life of the metal and the balance in the medicine. Just as plant salts are what make our herbal medicines Spagyric by giving the Spirit and Soul a body to live in, properly made Ormus locks the energy of the Oil of Gold into the liquid medicine so that it is available on our physical plane.

As with plant salts, this Salt level of Gold is made through a burning process, but with metals, it is a wet burning which takes the nuggets through swings between acid and base, and this process shows many of the same physical changes in texture and colour that plants do as they become salts. The Gold starts to look burnt at first, and then as the swings go back and forth, it gradually whitens to show it is done, and has arrived at a middle point of balance that will make a well-rounded extract.

Once the two Gold extractions were done and united with the Saffron, our usual circulation married everything together into a coherent whole, which we’ve been tasting and working with for a few weeks now. In Paul’s meditations with it, it started in the third eye area and moved from there into the heart chakra and solar plexus, from where it could be worked with to concentrate its energy or send it outwards.

In my meditations I found it very warming, and it brought an intense, living sense of the Sun and its path across the sky as I sat with it in the early morning. I could feel the trees open to its warmth as it rose and moved across them, and I could sense the bright joy of the birds as they woke up and started their days. The interplay of light, life, and sound was expansive and cheering and stayed with me for many days after. You can find our new Saffron+Gold here.

Based on all the other Ambers we work with, I would not have expected such Lunar energy from our new Indonesian Amber, but perhaps its blue colour is a clue to its cool, magnetic intelligence. That colour is an interesting effect from fluorescence of the surface of the amber in UV light, and makes it appear electric blue in sunlight, but a more usual amber brown in artificial light.

The energy of this Amber surprised me also, being much more heavy and grounding than any of our other Ambers. It can be draining at first, until you work with it and let it take anything negative or unwanted deep into the ground, protecting you in a much different, but equally effective way as the others.

This grounding property travels along the central core of the body, starting at the third eye and then moving into the solar plexus and then downward into the earth. Working with it in conjunction with the Middle Pillar exercise or a similar practice would be an interesting way to flow with what it offers.

I also found it to have a stabilizing quality, solidifying like our Dragon Bone (another blue extract from an organically-created mineral), but much more focused in the heart and the Jade Pillow at the back of the head, rather than being all over the body. Find our Blue Indonesian Amber in our store, and let us know what you experience from it!

Our final new Spagyric comes not from the deep time of this world, but from the deep space beyond it. We actually made this one many years ago, and it’s been aging in our stock room, waiting to be shared again. Now that we’re building up a nice collection of mineral Spagyrics, and our wonderful customers are appreciating them more, we thought it was time to bring it out again.

Meteorite was made from pieces of a meteorite that was found in the Sahara desert and is thought to be one of the oldest known, created about the time our Sun came into being. These meteorites are found by Touareg nomads as they travel their trade routes, and make their way onto the market from there.

We didn’t have a solid vision for what it would be when we made it, it was purely experimental because it just seemed like a wild thing to work with. So Paul put it through special processing that he devised just for it, and we got a potable extract from it that we shared throughout several seasons of fairs and festivals.

Having so many people willing to try our Spagyrics and report back is a real gift, and the reports from the Meteorite tastings were fairly evenly split between two reactions:

“I feel really spaced out” and “I feel really grounded”. When you think about what a meteorite is and what it does, both impressions make sense!

The people who reported feeling spacy said they enjoyed it with music, chanting, light yoga and movement, and also just sitting meditation, especially for mindfulness and contemplation of one’s place in the universe. In our recent explorations of the Meteorite, we both felt a buzzy energy in our hands and spine, and if we leaned into that quality, it had a dissipating, spacy quality to it.

Among those who felt grounded, it was a useful ally for more intense physical meditation such as active yoga or Qi Gong, helping them stay embodied and strong while processing the energy circulations of those practices. It was also helpful for people who just needed to collect themselves for whatever reason, something we get a lot of requests for in the crowded festival chaos.

Working with it today, I didn’t find so much of a grounding quality, but one of focus and centering, with my awareness feeling like a sharp edge of bright discernment. Paul connected with his spine in a focused way, with a “zippy” energy that then flowed to his fingers. If you want to explore it, too, you can find our Meteorite here.

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